How to Buy a Good Quality Bread

What is Important to Know When We Choose to Buy a Good Quality Bread?

We eat it every day, and but we do not look at the quality of the bread we eat. With or without gluten, the bread is delicious!

We often eat too many flours, and because of that, it’s better to be selective when it comes to choosing (and delighting) the bread we eat!

In other products, we have more tricks or references when it comes to knowing if it’s fresh or not, but with the bread, we have no idea.

Many times we go to the bakery and it’s advertised “100% whole wheat bread” and you realize that it has a suspicious brown colour (it looks dyed) or puts “natural dough bread” and you realize that the bread is very processed … we should not be cheated, but we ourselves may have some references when buying it.

It’s important for our health, in general, that the flours are of quality and are not very old because they oxidate very fast. Another important part of the bread is the yeast, which is important not to be chemical and the whole bread process is not ultra-industrial. We should not allow, above all, that they sell us bad bread instead of one of poor quality.

Every time we are more demanding (with many products we buy), and with our conscience, we’ll make these situations happen less and less and this type of bakeries will tend to disappear.

The basic details or “tips” when choosing a good bread are the following:

  • In general, as an example, when we go to buy fruit, all the pieces look equal and perfect. With the loaves of bread happens a little bit the same.
  • You have to suspect of those perfect pieces of bread that have a lot of volumes, they look very nice and equal and weigh very little.
  • The smell: a good artisan bread has a characteristic aroma, its cereal smells very well.
  • The colour: when a loaf of bread is a whole grain, the colour will not be brown all over its surface. It’s easy to notice when the “supposed” wholegrain bread is dyed. It’s also important to distinguish the following: if the bread is not organic, it’s better to be white (white flour) because the chemicals that are added to the cereal are impregnated in the crust. Therefore, associating “healthy” with wholegrain is not completely correct. It’s much better to buy organic bread in any of its forms.
  • Keep in mind that when we cut the bread, the holes or alveoli of the crumb have to be irregular and large, that will mean that there has been a good fermentation.
  • The base of the bread: if it has a grid shape, it has not been cooked in a stone oven.

Why we Should buy Organic Artisan Bread?

consumir pan organico artesanal

The glyphosate

There is a chemical component called glyphosate which is a herbicide that is basically used in the cultivation of the wheat. Wheat and soybeans are especially tolerant to this herbicide, which can tolerate doses that other crops can be deadly to the plant. There have been several studies in which in recent years its use has multiplied alarmingly.


The price of organic rustic pieces of bread can be more expensive, the cost of producing industrially processed bread is though are lower, but if we take into account that an organic bread, the dense of sourdough is already a food, you don’t have to eat that much and it keeps fresh for longer. You just have to toast it a bit and delight in its incomparable flavour the cereals.


Crispy Oat Bread

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