Beware of Pesticides

Beware of Pesticides, they go Directly to Modify your Hormones

Pesticides are silent poisons that we gradually eat with vegetables, fruits, beans and cereals. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors, which produce devastating effects in our body.

drizzling pesticides over cereals

These chemicals affect mostly to children, breastfeeding babies, pregnant women and old people.

Pesticides are very toxic, we can find them not only in the skin of fruits and vegetables but also deep inside. Some remain in the soil for several years, polluting the land and waters.

After using pesticides year after year, the plants become weaker, much less resistant to diseases and plagues, and are more easily attacked by parasites. This means that crops need more and more fungicides and herbicides

With the time the effectiveness of these products is more and more limited, as the insects become more resistant and the plants get even more fragile.

Many pieces of fruits and vegetables that are bought at grocery stores or supermarkets have one or more pesticides.

What can we do?

Of course, we have to try to consume organic products and proximity food, producers who know that they do not impregnate their products with harmful chemicals that will produce many health problems in our body.

Is it a coincidence that there are so many rare diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, dementia at an early age? Will, not this unnatural and highly chemical way of life that we lead have something to do?

Moreover, these substances, which we intake with the food that we eat, threaten the fragile hormonal balance of our body.

Organic Agriculture Vs Conventional Agriculture

Organic farming produces healthy food and follows an adequate regulation to guarantee its quality.

Organic agriculture uses crop rotation and natural fertilizers such as compost.  They land local vegetables and fruits that adapt easily to the place and climate.

But the most important advantage is that avoids the erosion of the land using vegetable coverings.

The characteristics that the “organic” land must have:

  • They use green manures or compost to fertilize the lands.
  • Inorganic fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemical can not be used.
  • Water without toxic waste.
  • The air that surrounds the plot must be as clean as possible.

However, conventional agriculture:

  1. The maturation of fruits and vegetables in conventional agriculture is done by artificial methods.
  2. Organic farming is based on diversity and closeness to large-scale agriculture based on monocultures.
  3. Conventional agriculture uses chemical fertilizers that pollute water. But also increase the number of nitrates, phosphates and potassium in plants.
  4. The products of conventional agriculture have an average of 25% more water than organic ones. So, they rot more quickly and need preservatives to stay fresh for longer.

As a result, the impacts that this can make with the years can cause important hormonal disorders.

Also, our fertility is in danger, the organochlorines and organophosphates (aldrin, lindane, toxaphene …) intervene in a dangerous way in our hormonal system.

Therefore, trying to consume organic products and local food is a good choice for health. I encourage you to do so.